Putter Boy

The bronze “Putter Boy” statue symbolizes Pinehurst. As the story is told, early advertisements for Pinehurst Golf Resort featured a drawing of a young boy called various names including “The Golf Lad,” and “The Golf Boy.” In 1912, Lucy Richards sculpted a sundial for the resort, using the drawing as the model for the bronze statue. Legend has it that Donald Ross himself demonstrated the proper golf grip and stance. The statue was known as “The Sundial Boy” until the 1970s, when “The Putter Boy” name was adopted. The Putter Boy resides inside the clubhouse. The first time I saw the icon, I was a bit surprised at its size – it’s only about 2 feet tall! My original painting was completed just before the 2005 US Open – of course smaller than I normally paint.

Limited Edition – Putter Boy – Watercolor Paper

  • Price: $79
  • Size: 13” x 19”
  • Edition: 100

Putter Boy – Watercolor Paper